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Stop wasting paper. Nobody is looking.

Create digital collectibles for your club, team, university, organization COMMUNITY with minted.

What NFT Are You?

NFT's don't have to be boring. Take the quiz and find out What NFT You Are? Then connect to other token holders in the Discord.

A 'Token' of Appreciation

TOAST - the web3 way to say thank you. Send a TOAST to a friend or collect one today!

Event Tokens

Bookmark the moments that matter. Keep them in your wallet and bring them to the Metaverse. From Conferences to Classes we're here to help you build your web3 reputation.

Digital Collectibles

Digital Collectibles from sports games, artists, or any limited edition drop that hold that extra collectibility and resale value.

University Tokens

Mint Your University Lifecycle - claim and create the moments inside and outside the classroom to create that certified digital scrapbook.

Mint Your Avatar

The Metaverse is already here. How do you want to be identified!

Admission Tokens

Stop taking pictures of your admission letter. Celebrate the milestones - you deserve it.

Grad Tokens

Most diploma's collecting dust in the closet. Collect your grad tokens, display them in your wallet, and use them to connect with alumni across different cities and back on campus.

Rewards & Achievements

From recognition awards, and skill badges, to micro-credentials - minting your achievements is important! Own what you earn!

Mint My Music

NFT's comes in all shapes and sizes. Create music or mixed media digital collectibles and distribute for FREE.

Digital Swag

Digital Swag you collect and take with you to the Metaverse - it's all part of your web3 identity.

Community & Membership Tokens

Membership tokens you mint with you club, community, organization. Collect badges overtime and use them to unlock new ways to coordinate, community, and vote on what matters!

Grow, reward, & engage your community
Our goal is to make minted the destination for communities to commemorate experiences with digital assets.

From conferences and concerts, to courses, clubs and achievements - commemorate these moments.

Own what you earn.
You got soul,
everybody knows...
Others in this space focus on buy-it now and auction marketplaces.

We’re different. We focus on NFT’s that are soulbound.
“Imagine a world where most participants have...[Soulbound Tokens] SBTs corresponding to a series of affiliations, memberships, and credentials..."
NFTs don’t have to be hard
No Crypto Required | Email Based Wallets
Your NFTs, trademarks, & community organized in one place
Fast & Easy Claiming.
No Crypto Currency Required
Your keys, your contract. Custom NFTs built for your needs
Our mission is to mint moments, promote ownership & encourage participation in the next evolution of the internet

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What NFT Are You?

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